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Recording, Mixing, Mastering

Most people know me as a guitarist but may not have realized that I've been recording as well for about as long as I've been a guitarist.  I specialize in recording soloists and small combo groups.  I have an especially good understanding of recording fingerstyle guitarists who may use techniques like two-hand-tapping or drumming on the body of the guitar which can introduce challenges when recording.  I provide all services from recording to mixing and finally to the mastering process.  As a musician I understand the challenges that recording can bring for a musician so I try to make you as comfortable as possible and help you to bring out your best performance.  If you are wanting other instruments added to your project I can add in tracks of guitar, piano, or percussion.  I can also add in pretty much any instrument you want through the use of high quality EastWest virtual instruments.  So if you are solo guitarist and decide you want to add in some strings I could add in some very convincing string sounds.  


Please contact me for pricing and to start a discussion of your project to see if it would be a good fit for us to work together.