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I get asked more and more about how I get my live sound so I thought it was time to make a gear page.  My setup is constantly changing. I really like the small footprint (small for me at least), and the flexibility it offers.


MiSi Magpie Pickup

The MiSi pickup works well for me because I can get a clear direct string sound from it. This is helpful for bringing out things like two hand tapping, harmonics, and adding a bit more fullness to the sound, especially in the low end. Most magnetic sound-hole pickups are heavy and consequently dampen the resonance of the guitar. The MiSi is lightweight and, when placed near the neck edge of the soundhole, has very little effect on the guitar tone. in Ableton, I have this pickup equalized to match the tone of the guitar recorded with a microphone. I do this EQ matching through the iZotope Ozone plug-in.

DPA 4061

I used the K&K microphone for a while but found the DPA to be much clearer and more resistant to feedback. I can get a high quality sound with this mic mixed in with my pickup setup.

K&K Pure Mini

I use the Pure Mini as kind of a backup for the DPA microphone. This pickup gets a pretty natural sound but is muddier than the mic, so I put in as much mic as I can in the mix before feedback. If I need more volume of that natural tone, I blend in the K&K Pure Mini. Like the MiSi pickup, I also have this pickup equalized to match the tone of the guitar recorded with a studio microphone.

K&K Trinity Preamp

This is used mainly to provide power to the DPA microphone and also to split the stereo signal coming from the guitar for the Pure Mini and the microphone into two separate channels that run into my interface.

Motu MK3

This is a just a good quality, durable interface with plenty of inputs and outputs on it. It's small and fairly easy to use, making it a great match for my computer setup. The MK3 accepts all three of my pickups and has stereo outs for monitors, stereo outs to the main sound system, and more outputs to send a loop channel, tuner channel, or whatever else I might need.

Mac Mini

I use the Mac Mini to run Ableton Live and do all my guitar processing through it. I find that its processing power and portability suit my needs nicely. I do all my EQing, compression, reverb, delay, and looping through the computer. I also use it to send MIDI cues to another computer to trigger lighting and video changes within a show. With various MIDI controllers, I can control Ableton easily on stage to adjust things like effects, monitor levels, and switch between guitar tones as I change guitars between songs.

DBX Driverack PA2

The Driverack is what I use to EQ my monitors at each show. I leave all my guitar tone shaping alone in Ableton so that it is consistent, but each room I play in has different acoustics. The Driverack allows me to plug in a mic and quickly measure and EQ the monitors to fit the acoustics of the room. It's one extra step but makes a huge difference in getting a great sound.

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