I have 6 pieces recorded now.  I've done a few photo shoots and got the shots I need for the album artwork  The process has been slower than planned but more than anything I want a high quality album.  I've been doing a ton of research on photography and audio mastering to create this album with what I have and the budget I have.  So far I'm getting the results I want

Something I'm working on right now is writing a new piece for the album.  All of the other pieces for the album I've had completed for a long time.  The inspiration was that I thought I should have another 12 string piece on the album.  I also thought I needed a more intimate piece.  I actually dabbled with this piece a while ago.  It started with using the same tuning I use on the piece "Alive" and messing around with different chord positions.  I found some that worked with the tuning.  As I played around with the chords I came up with the main theme.  Only now have I really listened to the piece to see where it wants to go.  I know artists are probably the only ones who might get this but to me, if I just listen, it's often very obvious where the piece wants to go.  I might hear a general idea in my mind or something specific.  So I've basically got the piece organized how I want it and I just need to refine it a bit and start recording.

Thanks for following my journey.

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