I've been pretty quiet here online but I do have a lot going on with my music. This past year I worked really hard on The Duo Project album and tour.  That took up a lot of the first half of the year.  Things went really well and we are planning to do another tour this next summer.  The album is now available on iTunes and Amazon to download.  You can also order the physical CD through CDBaby.  Another big thing I worked on this past year was preparing for and competing in three of the biggest Fingerstyle Competitions.  This took a lot of extra practice time and mental preparation for me.  I also had performances throughout the year as well as teaching lessons.  It's been a real growing year for me and I'm excited about the new projects ahead for 2014 including two new albums and a custom guitar.  Read on to hear what's happening.


My First Custom Guitar

I'm so excited to have Bryan Galloup, one of the best luthiers (guitar builder) in the world, build a guitar exactly the way I want it. I actually grew up 20 miles from his shop and never new about him until I was in college. Then I discovered he has one of the most well known guitar building schools in the country and builds world class instruments (the photo above is one of his guitars). We are still finishing up design plans and I'll keep you posted with how this is going. Check out his website. http://galloupguitars.com/


NEW Hymn Album and tour coming in 2014

I've got an old hymn from 1971 that I've been going through and have selected a bunch of hymns that really strike me where I'm at spiritually. I'm currently in the arranging process; writing and recording ideas. These old hymns have been really coming alive for me in the last couple of years. The lyrics are very insightful and refreshing along with having strong melodies. I'm taking my time with this and trying not to force anything. I hope to release this album and have a tour in the mid to late summer.  I'll be posting updates and previews of the music on Facebook, so if you want to get updates like me on facebook and be sure to click the follow button so the updates show up on your timeline.


2014 Christmas album with a special guest 

I've recently started collaborating with my sister,Rachelle, on putting a Christmas album and tour together for next Christmas. I've been really impressed and inspired by the music she has been writing. I never thought I'd be doing an album with her, but after recently hearing her new music and the amount of soul she puts into it, I was inspired to do a project with her. We both love Christmas time so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity. We haven't completely pinned down the concept for it but it looks like we might be taking a sort of weird direction with it.  Stay tuned.

February Concerts 

I haven't been performing very much lately after having a busy fall with competitions, performances, and giving lessons. I have grouped some performances in February. Check my calendar to see what's happening in your area. If I'm not performing in your area and you'd like to have me come and play, send me an email at david-youngman@hotmail.com.

Competition Preparation 

I had such a great time doing the competitions this last year that I want to go back again. I met so many great people through the competitions and was inspired by many of the other guitarists. It's really a community. Along with this, it really motivates me to make my music the best it can be.


So that's what's happening. Along with the above projects I am continuing as a guitar instructor at Spring Arbor University, giving some private lessons out of my home, performing for various events and weddings, staying involved with the music at our local church, and of course trying to maintain a balanced life with my wife and our three boys.  The Holy Spirit continues to move and guide me into new discoveries that keep me excited and driven to do all I'm doing and to push through the challenges I face.  To all my friends, family, and listeners - thanks so much for all the prayers and support this past year.  I wish you all God's blessings and a Merry Christmas!


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