Well I stayed up tonight recording while the family is asleep and I think I got 4 or 5 really good takes of "Alive".  I'll sleep on it and listen tomorrow to make sure I like what I've recorded.  I think this piece is going to be the hardest piece on the album so it will be nice to have it out of the way.  I've been working on it for about 3 weeks in recording and I still had some technique to work out and I got it figure out.  This piece has taken a lot of focus to get some good takes all the way through.  I don't want to splice in any sections because I think I loose the feel of the piece. 


For any of you doing your own recording, here are some things I discovered tonight while recording:

I experimented with mic placement on my Alvarez 12 string.  Here's the patterns I tried.  I did an XY pattern where the two mics are close to each other and angled in towards the sound hole.  They are about 12" away from the guitar.  Then I tried moving them wider after watching a video of Tommy Emmanuel explain his microphone setup.  So I had a mic out from the 9th fret about 12" and angle toward the 19th fret or so.  The other mic was out past the bridge (to my right) and angled in towards the bridge.  I tried a few different distances from the soundhole and found I really liked the wide mic technique so that's what I recorded with.


I also found that I was picking up a lot of breathing noise from my nose.  Earlier today I used a Neti Pot to clean out my sinuses in hopes of minimizing this but I still was picking up the noise tonight.  So I worked on just breathing through my mouth and I think I did a pretty good job of controlling it.  I've heard that great studio musicians learn how to control all these extra noises so I figured I better get picky if I want to compare with the best.


My busy month of concerts is coming up so I hope I can get at least a few more songs in by next week.


I've also decided to add a song to the album that I haven't finished composing yet so this will add to my to do list for completing the album.


Until next time,

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