I had a unique experience yesterday as I was teaching guitar in a lesson so I thought I’d share it. 

I have a young girl who has been working on “Silent Night”.  She has been practicing strumming the chords while singing.  She had a dress rehearsal this last weekend with the song for a performance she will be doing this coming weekend.  She told me how she was really nervous so I tried to give her some advice to calm her nerves. 

We began talking about what the song was about so she could try to focus on that rather than worrying about what the audience might be thinking.  I read one line at a time and asked her what it meant.  If she didn’t know I would help guide her to the answer as best as I could.

We talked through the first verse and the student knew of Jesus and the basic Christmas story that Jesus was born in a manger.  As we got into the second verse we talked about why the shepherds were shaking and what heavenly hosts were.  The student knew about the shepherds seeing angels and being frightened.  The end of the second verse says “Christ the Savior is born”.  I wasn’t really planning on explaining any of this but I thought, “this is going well, why not?”  So I asked if she knew why Jesus is called the Savior.  She wasn’t really sure.  So I explained how God created man and made man perfect.  She knew about Adam and Eve and the snake.  I continued telling that man started doing bad things that wasn’t what God wanted.  From then on every human would do these things that God didn’t like.  I told her that the Bible says that if you do anything wrong you will go to hell.  Her jaw dropped and she looked scared. Then I said, BUT!!!  I told her that Jesus, who is from God (briefly explained how confusing that is), came and died to make up for all our wrongs and all the peoples wrongs of the past, present, and future.  We just have to believe that he did that and we get to go to heaven!  She smiled and seemed a little excited about this.

We went on to talk about how Jesus came not with a triumphal entry making all kinds of noise and commotion about it but as a baby born in the animal stable ... Silent Night. We talked about how when you decide to believe what Jesus did, God sort of gets in our brain or conscience and helps us to make better decisions. 

What an awesome experience that just came out of nowhere.  I had no intention of doing that but in the moment it was just sort of coming out of my mouth.  Thank God for using me in this situation and I pray she comes to know Christ. 

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