Wait, I don't mean that I'm single now.  I'm still happily married.  I do have a couple of new things available though that I wanted to share.  I've got a brand new guitar course now available online and I've also started offering sheet music to some of my pieces.


First of all, I've been working on a beginner guitar course through Curious.com over this past year and finally have it published.  I've been developing a unique approach to learning chords on the guitar over the years as I've taught beginner guitar students.  I've had tremendous success with it and am so happy to offer it as a simple affordable video course.  You can take the course only through Curious.com.  This is a subscription website that actually gives you access to courses on many different subjects.  It's super affordable and you can get 20% off by following this link.  

The second thing I'm now offering is sheet music to my compositions and arrangements.  Yeah, okay, I only have one so far but it's a start.  Go to this page to purchase an instant download to one of my most popular arrangements, "Simple Gifts".   I'm about half way done on the music for "Great is Thy Faithfulness".  If you have a particular piece or arrangement you'd like me to do next, please comment below.  

Now with the Thanksgiving season approaching I want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  I also can't help but offer some of my thoughts.  Of course this is a time we are to be thankful for all we have and I am becoming increasingly aware of how difficult it is for our society to BE thankful.  We are a society of "muchness".  It seems we don't have time to be thankful and we are easily focused on our next desire.  It's difficult to think about what we have been given for very long.  Our society just doesn't seem to be designed for thankfulness.  I think the best way to combat this is to develop more of a habit of thankfulness.  Daily thinking of things to be thankful for.  Sharing what you are thankful for I think can add even more power to this thankful spirit.  Try it and I think you'll be surprised at how refreshing it is.  I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving season and realize just how much the Creator has given you.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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