As new projects typically are, this has been my most involved CD project to date. I’ve actually been selling it at my concerts throughout the summer but only recently was able to get it online. Right now it is only available through CDBaby or at my concerts. It should be available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play any time now. You can actually buy the downloads of the album at my Store Page right now. I’ll try to give you a brief overview of why this was such an involved project for me and what has made it so different from my previous albums.

First of all, this was my first concept album. This basically means the album has a centralized theme. Most of you already know that the theme was trusting in the Lord. I truly felt God leading me to make this the theme and if you have been to any of my Trust shows you would have heard me talk more about this. With this concept, along with wanting to do an album of hymn arrangements, I went through an old hymnal my Mom gave me looking for songs that would fit this.

Another aspect of this album was the spiritual study. The first time I did a spiritual study along with composing was my Life, Death, Life project which was an eight minute piece that followed the story of Jesus. It was such a powerful experience for me that I learned how God used music to speak to me and others. It felt very natural and necessary to apply a spiritual study to this album and God made it clear to me what that study would be.

I definitely spent far more time on composing that I ever have before. Performing in the various competitions in 2013 really helped me to improve my sound and composing. I heard so many great guitarists that inspired me. The nature of the competition pushed me to make my compositions better and that led into the Trust album.

Finally, the other thing I did with this album was putting a lot more effort into the recording of it. I wanted this album to really count (as I’ve pursued with each album). I spent about a month testing out different microphones and preamps for recording. I used 5 different guitars for the recording as each song required a different sound. Each guitar had a different type of string that complimented it. Some guitars I used different tunings and would use different gauge strings for that particular tuning. There were a few times when I thought I had everything done and would hear something that wasn’t quite right and would have to go back and re-record it. I even had the album sent out for mastering and when I got the master back, I still wasn’t happy with my performance of a couple of the songs and re-recorded them. This is why my album took an extra two months to finish.

This short blog was actually kind of exhausting to write as I re-lived all I went through to put this album together. I almost gave up on this album project a few different times but that still small voice kept me going. This has certainly been the most rewarding project I’ve ever done and I’m looking forward to traveling around with the Trust show this next year. Right now I'm planning to travel around the Midwest and out as far as Colorado this next year to various churches, colleges, and other venues. Please contact me if you are interested in having me come to your area or venue for a show this coming year.  Thanks again to all my family, friends, and fans who continue to support this music.

God bless,




Sue Hayes July 01, 2015 @10:48 am

Hi David! Heard you at Bowmanville Baptist June 13/14 of this year. Bought the Trust album. It has brought joy, and peace. For now, I have been listening to it in the car. Trust . . . a true blessing which grows deeper with time and life experience. Thanks for letting God use you in this way! It was a pleasure to hear you perform! Sue

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