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David Youngman is a professional fingerstyle guitarist from Hillsdale, MI. As the 2015 International Fingerstyle Guitar Champion, David Youngman has been one of the most consistently awarded fingerstyle guitarists in the business. Since winning the International competition, Youngman has primarily focused on his own music, spending much of the summer months touring with his most recent album, Trust (2014). This album being no exception, Youngman's music features techniques not seen many other places. He is most famous for his use of two hand tapping techniques, hand-drumming, and live looping. Combined, these unconventional techniques  produce an incredibly full live sound, often giving the illusion that an entire band is performing. 

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2015 International Fingerstyle Guitar Champion

2015 Indiana Fingerstyle Guitar Winner


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Galloup Guitars

Bourgeios Guitars

Journey Instruments

MiSi Electronics

David Youngman is a proud endorser of Sagework Magenetic Guitar Supports, available at www.sagework.org.